Rockeshlm30a - museum

The building, built in 1905 in the heart of Sweden has repeatedly changed owners and use while not undergoing profound changes. You will find yourself immersed in the story of an old school in red wood, which later became a post office, then cinema, a ballroom for Christmas and finally becoming in 2010 the home of an Italian family.

Still, you can review some pieces of the past as an old school desk or old railway maps that pushed Antonella, an Italian in Sweden, to create a small museum collect items and memories of a bygone age.

Since their arrival numerous improvements have been made, all made personally by Antonella and her family. A long and careful restoration work were necessary to give it the appearance it has today. Sometimes extreme and creative solutions are needed to Antonella loves to recount in his blog.

Antonella opened in 2011, after having personally renovated the premises of Rockesholm30a, an Italian cafe where he decided to offer his own culinary culture in a Swedish home, relying on her own strength, passion and creativity.

Antonella also supported by Paolo her husband and their two children have restored this old school in the heart of Sweden and created their home, searching for creative and surprising combinations.

Rockesholm 30a comes from a real dream, shared and realized through the love of the whole family, including children. From this dream comes the desire to offer the real Italian home cooking, made of simple dishes but also to processed food and the long cooking (such as soup), to receive and share all guests.

For the summer season 2016 it is expected to complete the renovations of the second floor and finally opening with a hint of emotion even at the doors of the house guests who want to stay with them in Rockesholm30a. A small B&B that has a few rooms, all furnished with taste. For information on the B&B.

As if suspended in time, the Rockesholm30a’s B&B is an enchanted place where you can carve out some time just for you, in the silence and tranquility.

A fascinating travel to a real place.

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